Most frequent questions and answers

Screening is the process of detection of a disease before its symptoms appear. 

Oral screening is checking of the oral cavity for any signs of a disease.

Our team of registered and experienced dental practitioners assess the images submitted by you and then provide you with a report which can be downloaded via email or app.

Screening report would tell you all the details that you need to know. If you have any suspected lesion, the doctor screening your images will mark your report for referral to a clinic or hospital where you can visit for further management. 

Some conditions may be preventable if proper care is taken. You can read all about oral diseases in our blog to expand your knowledge. 

All reports are designed in a way that the doctor assessing it has to follow a standard procedure, through this procedure our doctors cover the majority of visible area in the oral cavity. 

Oralens app is currently offering the digital oral screening service at a price of only Rs. 199. 

This is a limited period offer.

Being a low cost routine procedure, the service can be availed without insurance as well.

Our application enables the users to upload up to 14 pictures of their mouth in a guided manner, which covers the majority of the visible area of the oral cavity. The images are then assessed by our trained dental surgeons.