A mucocele is a small, fluid-filled cyst (not a true cyst)that occurs when the salivary glands become blocked.

They are usually found on the lips, inside the cheeks, or on the floor of the mouth. Mucoceles are not cancerous and do not usually cause any pain.

However, mucoceles can become uncomfortable, painfully large, and unsightly, and can sometimes interfere with eating and talking.

Oralens is a new oral screening tool that can help screen mucoceles at an early stage before they become large and difficult to treat. It is a mobile application, that uses your selfies to screen the mouth for mucocele. 

What are mucoceles?

Mucocele is a small sac usually filled with mucus that can form in the mouth. In some cases, they can become infected and cause a lot of pain or swelling. Mucoceles can occur anywhere in the mouth, but they’re most common on the lips, cheeks, and tongue.

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What causes mucoceles?

Mucoceles are usually caused by trauma to the mouth, such as biting or sucking on the lips, cheeks, or tongue. They can also be caused by dental procedures, such as tooth extractions or braces. In some cases, mucoceles can occur without any known cause.

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How are mucoceles treated?

Most mucoceles don’t require treatment and will go away on their own. However, if a mucocele becomes infected, it may need to be drained by a doctor. In some cases, mucoceles can be removed surgically.

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How can mucoceles be prevented?

The best way to prevent mucoceles is to avoid trauma to the mouth. If you wear braces, be sure to avoid biting your cheeks or tongue. If you have a history of mucoceles, your dentist may recommend oral screening with Oralens. Oralens is a new oral screening tool that can help detect mucoceles at an early stage. By screening for mucoceles at an early stage, Oralens can help prevent them from becoming infected and causing pain or swelling.

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