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How Oralens Can Help Screen for Dental/Tooth Pulp Polyps In Children

Pulp Polyps are abnormal growths on the inside of your teeth. They can develop as a result of trauma to the tooth, or they can happen with no clear cause. One way to tell if you might have it is if you experience pain in your tooth – but that’s not always obvious.

In this article, learn about how digital dental screening by Oralens can help parents and schools identify these growths in children at their home or school for an easy and comfortable screening process.

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Dental/tooth pulp polyps are overgrown pulp tissue that invades the inside of the carious tooth that typically develops in the pulp chamber of a child’s tooth.

They may or may not cause any symptoms or problems  and usually remain undiagnosed because they usually resemble the gums.

However, it’s important to catch them early so they don’t grow larger and become more symptomatic.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the concept of dental pulp polyps and explain why they’re important to catch early. We’ll also highlight why Oralens is the ideal tool for detecting these small growths before they grow bigger and present an increased risk of infection, and pain.

How Oralens app can help you?

What is a Dental Pulp Polyp?
A dental pulp polyp is a non-cancerous growth that develops inside the tooth’s pulp chamber. This growth may cause tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures and an increase in tooth pain. A dental pulp polyp is often mistaken for a toothache, but it’s important to catch them early . Once they’ve been caught and treated, they won’t come back or cause any other problems.

Why Are They Important to Catch Early?
Dental pulp polyps are small and often go unnoticed. However, if left untreated, they can grow bigger and become more symptomatic. If untreated, they can lead to a dental infection and even the need for extraction. Most dental pulp polyps occur in the back teeth of the mouth, but they can appear in any tooth. They are more common in children, but can also occur in adults. The treatment for a dental pulp polyp is simple and effective.


How Oralens app can help you?

Benefits of Using digital screening to Screen for Dental Polyps
There has been a significant increase in the use of digital dental/oral screening devices in the last decade. These devices have become more affordable and easier to use. Most are also very user-friendly and come with a quick and easy to follow guide. The use of a digital dental/oral screening device is helpful in a variety of ways. For starters, it helps detect the early stages of dental/tooth issues, such as caries, periodontal disease, and the presence of dental (pulp) polyps. A digital dental/oral screening device is used for screening patients of all ages. It does not require any special training and involves a simple and pain-free procedure. It is also a reliable method for detecting dental/oral issues in patients with special needs.

Available treatment options for pulp polyps
The treatment for a dental pulp polyp depends on multiple factors, however most commonly it is treated by a dental surgeon by a procedure known as pulpectomy , however the treatment is always decided by consideration of multiple factors. Once the dental polyp is treated, the patient will experience minimal to no discomfort. The patient can also expect to experience no additional tooth or oral issues after the treatment. The goal of this treatment is to eliminate the root of the problem by closing off the root canal and removing the dental/pulp polyp. The treatment will prevent the dental/pulp polyp from getting larger. It will also help prevent an infection from occurring. After the treatment, the patient will notice no change in their oral health and daily routine. The only difference will be the absence of tooth sensitivity.

How Oralens app can help you?
tooth pulp polyp

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